A guy and his blog (about his hideout for the past 2 weeks i.e. World of Warcraft Holiday Madness.)

Hideout Prompt Well I think my “Hideout” isn’t actually my room.  Yes I’m in it a lot, but I’m in my “hideout” even more, especially these past 2ish weeks.  My Hideout is World of Warcraft.  For the past two weeks was an in-game holiday called Love is in the Air, to coincide with Valentines Day, it’s a rough 2 weeks though.  The Holiday has whats called Holiday bosses that you can only defeat during the holiday.  They Drop a very, very rare item (a mount) called the Big Love Rocket.  I didn’t get it, but I had tons of chances for a change.  They lowered the level needed to get to do the fight to level 16.  At the start of it I only had 33 characters to run, I started one during the 3 day of it putting my total to 34.  After 2 weeks of trying (over 460~ runs) whew, even though I didn’t get it, its a rush.  Today was the last day of it and the item you get the mount from.  Drops one per day per character, and that resets at 7 am PST, the holiday was over at 10am PST.  So who ever could get on only had 3 hours to get it one last day.  I actually has so fast of times getting in, I had to wait for the very last 2 guys.  The dungeons have a 10character/instance/server/account/hour limit (i.e you can only run 10 people in a dungeon per server per hour in one account).  I actually hit it on my last server for the last 2 guys, (and had like 20 minutes before it was over).  My 2 week hideout is over now and now I won’t know what to do with myself. 🙂  http://furdude2.com/2017/03/12/hello-world/  <– did not know that godaddy has a WP pluggin 🙂 found it, now using it, (will edit that one later, but it has more stuff an contact info, and a forum an all that good stuff)

A guy and his blog (about comments)

Funny thing bout comments, I had about 400 or more that we’re in my spam for some reason, I checked it because of one comment, and found a whole lot more.  Some may be spam or spammy, but not all, I saw quite a few in the pile.  It will take a while to go through again.  I published all of em to make it easier to see the really bad ones.  I have a lot of either Portuguese or Spanish and German and of course Russian.  I’ll be seeing what they say eventually gonna try a translator, and we all know how those are.  Who knows some of the comments might even be on topic 😎