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A guy and his blog (and guest blogging)

For all you recent commenters asking to guest blog sure can, I’ll add my contact stuff here soon, so you can send me what you want to blog bout, and I’ll put it up for ya.


A guy and his blog (about comments)

Funny thing bout comments, I had about 400 or more that we’re in my spam for some reason, I checked it because of one comment, and found a whole lot more.  Some may be spam or spammy, but not all, I saw quite a few in the pile.  It will take a while to go through again.  I published all of em to make it easier to see the really bad ones.  I have a lot of either Portuguese or Spanish and German and of course Russian.  I’ll be seeing what they say eventually gonna try a translator, and we all know how those are.  Who knows some of the comments might even be on topic 😎